Sad times have befallen the family I’ve married into. In recent years my husband has lost an uncle, a cousin, and just yesterday his grandmother. This family has shown remarkable grit and tenacity to band together for support of each other. I did feel the love they had for the lady. Her passing was a sad time, and it will not be forgotten soon. The memorial service will more than likely be toward the end of the week.

Now that I have this site I feel that I should do a devotional page. When cousin Kim passed, I wrote a poem for her that was read at her memorial even though I couldn’t travel to be there. My husband could though, so he delivered it for me. With the passing of Grammy, I have written another piece which I will probably read myself. So these words will not be forgotten, I think I will make a page for each of them.

Death does not leave me inconsolable now as it once did. I have a very realistic view on death, that each of us must go in our designated time. Some go peacefully and quick, or slow and painful, or sudden and unexpected, or even expected due to illness. Everyone is bound up in the rhythm of life though, and we each must exist and leave in our designated time. What happens to a person’s spirit or soul I still have not determined in my own view. I simply know that it is okay to feel grief, but not okay to be consumed by it.

If any of my family finds their way to this site, please know that I extend my heart to you. If you ever want someone to talk please know that you can reach me here.

My love and devotion and affection to my family.

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