Mind on Idle

Even with work this has been as day for contemplation on nothing. I often find myself meandering down the path of solitude within my mind. I find that it helps me to maintain my center. I unfortunately find mymself relaying this time to others as “boredom” when it is in fact exploration. Long ago, I realized that my mind is my most unique attribute. Unfortunately, no one else is able to see those winding corridors in the manner that enthralls me.

For instance, admist the bustle of pharmacy life this afternoon, I found my mind segmented to the task of operations, the puzzling of a few optical illusions I had revisited not too long ago,  the evil genius Catbert, and whether or not certain mythological beings may indeed exist. Now, I did relegate a large portion of my thought processes to the tasks at hand, but I was amazed to realize my realization that I am quite often engaged in multiple areas of consideration.

Hmm. It was a good day today, for a change. We have been so backed up at the pharmacy that I have begunn to dread going to work. Today… today was a breeze. It probably had everything to do with the holiday and recent snow, but it was pleasant. We were able to catch up on a lot of our work and breath a little bit easier.

It was nice to clock out on time instead of 5-10 minutes late. Hmm. I think I’ll do another post about the problems of the pharmacy. That Angry Pharmacist isn’t the only one who can rant about idiocy.

Anyway, I enjoy this. My thoughts just meandering along. I wonder if anyone will ever come by and read these blogs. It’s almost like a pseudo-diary that the whole world can see. Come, please, and enter my world. There’s really nothing scary here. Well… no promises.

 Quiet serenity
Quiet serenity

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