Why does it never fail? I have a good day for the second day in a row but I just cannot understand why it is so hard for people to keep track of what insurance they have. It’s worked the same way for years on end. A new year comes and people need to check and see if anything changed. If a new card came in the mail it needs to be brough to the pharmacy so we can use the new information. I have never had so many people just be so completely clueless as to what the new year brings. Plans change. Providers outsource to new pharmacy insurance companies.  Deductibles have to be met again. It’s an endless cycle.

When I tell someone that I need their new card, new ID, new information, I really don’t need the deer in headlights look. I really believe that I should just record what I have to keep repeating over and over. Then they could listen to it while I help the next customer. I do not need to sped ten minutes with each person reminding them that they received a new card. Why must every single one of them argue with me? It will not change what I am telling them.

My other issue is the people who want early refills. Most people get the hint when the insurance won’t pay for the medication for a few more days because it’s just not time for a refill. There has been no change in the dosage, so I cannot override it. Deal with it! You have to come back when I say the insurance will cover it or pay out of pocket if it’s not a controlled substance.

The few people who flounce in and demand to know why I won’t fill the medicine and storm off saying they always have a problem at my store… ugh! If you try to come here for your early refill you will have problem. I am sorry,  but I do pay attention to my job. You only have a problem because you come to my store hoping I won’t use your insurance or that it is just close enough that the insurance will let it go through and I won’t know you had it elsewhere 20 days ago instead of 30.

I wish people would just pay attention and realize that I have to know what I’m doing or I wouldn’t be able to help them. Someday… someday, people will just listen to me and stop trying to fight with me.

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