Wake Up

Time continues to march on by. I have been absolutely amazedĀ at how fast it seems to be going already in this year. I truly did not notice how long it had been since I had even turned my computer on, let alone come here to post anything. Ah well.

There is nothing to really speak about today. Hmm.

Oh, I know what I had a thought on. Illness. With the recent death in the family, it seemed like everyone coming together just bred an illness. I haven’t heard of anyone who has avoided it, and now it has hit me. I think that I may not have the same illness, or at least a less viral strain. Everyone else was out for over a week. I’ve only have sneezing and stuffy nose for about 5 days and I think it’s already clearing up.

It really fascinates me that illness affects everyone in different ways. It’s just one more sign that while we are all of the same species, we are not all the same. No two people are exactly identical.

I would have to guess that even a clone couldn’t be 100%. After even 5 minutes of being living that clone would have had experiences the original did not, thereby shaping it in a particular way different from the original. Isn’t that great? Everyone truly is unique… just like everyone else. ^_^

Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to reflect others in yourself, but maintain your own identity.

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