Have you ever had time move by so swiftly you’ve forgotten that it passed? That is how these past couple of months have been for me. I kept meaning to blog, but time moved all too quickly and I kept forgetting.

The year so far has been well. I can’t say that it has been perfect, but truly well, with a positive outlook.

My job was feeling menial but now has taken on a bit more meaning. The cancerous bit that was holding us down has been removed and she will be replaced. I can only hope that this will further our improvement upon ourselves so that we can be better for our customers. You know someone’s a problem when the customers tell you it’s a good day because a certain someone isn’t there.

In other news, I have begun to dabble in writing again. I may post blips of things to see if I have anyone reading who would like to comment. I think I’ll make a poem page as well… Hmm…

Well, I hope to be around more often. I’m getting a new phone today. Yeah! It’s Palm Centro. I’ve been wanting one for years. Hopefully, it’ll help to keep me more organized. ^_~ I had a Tungsten T3, but it died a few weeks back. Hubby fixed it almost perfectly, but the keyboard won’t show up now. So, he’s jumping at the chance to get me this phone.. I never went anywhere without my Palm, but would often forget my phone.. so.. if they’re one in the same, he thinks I won’t forget it as often. Hehe

Alright, I am going back to bed for a few hours. It’s always strange to me when I wake up early on the weekends and don’t have to.

Thanks to anyone who is reading this. Feel free to register with me so you can comment if you like. It is free, and I won’t send you spam. Bye!

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  • AlphaTech

    Hello My Dear Wife –

    As you can tell by the time (4:30AM) it’s another sleepless night dealing with the pain the doctor said should be relieved with the medicine he prescribes. I’m really starting to get irritated with the doc. ANYWAYZ…

    I LOVE YOU… maybe I don’t say it enough… I figure you’re probably smiling as you read this… but I was just laying next to you, watching TV in bed as you were SNORING… and I think I FINALLY figured us out!

    Although I’m older, I’m “YOUNG AT HEART”… and although you’re younger than me… I’m thinking you have a “WELL SEASONED SOUL”. I think somewhere in there, we find ourselves a HAPPY MEDIUM. Because it just WORKS for us. I know I can be stubborn sometimes; but think about it… we hardly EVER have an argument. We ALWAYS communicate any issues that come up. And we always seem to find the humor in life. It keeps us smiling and laughing like bubbling idiots sometimes. But you know what? Although we don’t have much… we’re HAPPY; even with all the medical BS at least I’m HAPPY. I hope you are too.

    Marriage is nothing less than WORK… sometimes HARD WORK. I’m just glad I get to be married to you. You’re my friend, my BEST FRIEND. My lover…. my “OTHER HALF”… or “SIGNIFICANT OTHER” if you will. Our love is like finding… “LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE”. You’ll never find it anywhere else…. or WITH anyone else. LOL… It’s a once in a lifetime deal… and I’m happy to be sharing my life with you….

    I also wanted to THANK YOU for everything; we’re not in the best of situations with my medical stuff… but as always… we muddle through… it WILL WORK OUT. At least for us it does. Mainly.. THANK YOU for just being YOU. I always tell you that there aren’t too many folks in the world that can do the things I can do rebuilding electronics/computer and such. Well… I also know for a FACT! That there are NOT too many folks in the world that are COMPATIBLE with ME. I appreciate that… and I APPRECIATE YOU!

    I hope you enjoy your Centro… I’m loving mine. The TealOS is really cool… let me know if you want me to install it. I got some other nifty hacks for it too! I think you’ll love them. Now you can BLOG from your Centro!



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