I have officially missed the four seasons. Living in Florida, it’s as if I had two seasons. Dry and wet, sometimes being three if you want to include muggy. Since we moved back up to the northeast, I have had my autumn, winter, now spring and I’m even looking forward to summer. All four seasons.

It’s wonderful to be able to go outside and enjoy the weather. I always felt confined and trapped down in Florida because I hate the heat. Even after five years down there, I just never acclimated. Now, I have told my hubby that should events take us back down south I would go. I would suck it up and tough it out. So far though, the northeast has a nice pull on us. He misses Florida to an extent. We’ll see where life takes us.

I believe he thinks I’m a little but strange since the spring has hit though. I keep taking pictures of everything. It’s a nice hobby to have. So far, I have gotten some nice pictures of the blooming flowers. We even had a small heat wave for a couple of days last weekend. He liked it, and so did I. I guess I was more acclimated to Florida than I thought. The heat was acutely pleasant after the winter.

Well, I’m off. It looked like a nice day out, so a walk is calling to me. Maybe I’ll put up some of my flower photos at some point. Those could be neat to see… maybe.

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