Time to Clear the Mind

I am looking forward to a trip the husband and I will be taking to go see my youngest sister graduate high school. It’s going to be nice for him and I to get away and enjoy a space of time where we don’t have to worry about anything. I have missed seeing my mother and sisters, so I feel like this will be a good time.

Everyone should have a break on occasion to let their mind clear. If you go too long without a break you will eventually break down. He doesn’t quite understand this yet, but I’m working on getting him there. ^_^ Someday, I hope to be able to go on more little trips to just get away. I really do believe that it is healthy.

So, I had a birthday this month. It was pleasant. I was given some nice gifts that I have kept me occupied. The thought is what please me the most. I don’t make a big deal about birthdays for me. Age doesn’t bother me. I may age chronologically every year, but I age mentally at my own pace in leaps and bounds. I find that life conforms to me as long as I keep my growth constant. Age is only a number. I hope to be one of those old ladies one day that is still able to act young.

If anyone like to gripe at the world, ,I highly recommend going to theangrypharmacist.com. He has some good gripes out currently. Bear in mind that while he does rant about pharmacy complaints, if you think about what he says, it applies to everyone when it’s a more general topic.

I have a few issues that are bothering me, so, any loyal readers, you’ll be hearing from me again soon. For now, be well and be safe.

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