Have you ever had a desire so intense you weren’t really sure what to do with it? No, my mind is not in the gutter. I’ve just been musing all day, trying to come up with something to write about. I’ve had the strongest urge, an unruly desire, to blog today. For the life of me, I do not know what to talk about, blog about, rant on, or any of that nonsense. So, I’m just going to wing it with no preconceived notions of what may transpire. Of course, hubby’s curious as to what I’m writing, even though he can always go read it, since he hears my keys typing. I don’t think he believes that I haven’t really started to talk about anything yet. ^_^ That’s okay though. I think that he thinks that I’m not always although here. Oh well.

I think, today, I’m going to be a bit random. I was thinking about the fact that I have always wanted to be a writer. This has been a desire of mine since I was very young and all of my friends were wanting to be doctors and dancers and astronauts. At one time I had even begun to write but then hit a major writer’s block. Unfortunately for me, that block has never fully evaporated. I can look at my old work, begin new work, but it never feels quite adequate. I am seriously hoping someone can invent a device to take your thoughts and transfer them to printed text on a computer. If I could think my work, I honestly believe it would come to life more quickly. Please, believe in me to overcome this block sooner than later. I would enjoy living my dream rather than dreaming about it. And yes, I know that it will have to come from me. Support is nice though.

For a very long time I was engaged in role-playing on AOL. At first, the gaming was great. Wonderful inspiration and the people I was RPing with were very supportive. Then it just became a hobby after the writer’s block. I don’t game anymore. I had to grow up once I found my hubby. RPing always sucked me in just a bit too much and I would forget about the world around me. I always have those fond memories to fall back on. The story-lines will always be nestled away in the back of my mind for future inspirations when it can be so.

Currently, I enjoy watching others RP on forums and social networking sites. That gives me some inspiration as well. It’s also fun to watch. It’s the equivalent of words being turned into my own movie within my mind. I can do that with reading books,  listening to books, and watching role-playing. It’s like my thoughts are creative enough to literally give me my own movie within my thoughts. Quite satisfactory at times.

When my writer’s block eases up for a time, I find that I can currently write some poetry, and sadly, I am able to write eulogies. It’s all a start though. A start to something more amazing so that my mind will unlock and unbend long enough for me to get my story laid out. Hopefully, you’ll be able to read it some day.

Hmm, away from writing. I am currently contemplating the weather and our planet. Well, actually, the weather and our universe.

Firstly, I don’t remember summers up here being so cool. I think it’s being a bit odd for the summer. Poor hubby is ruing the fact that we’re no longer down south. He does like to see me happy up here though. Even so, I am even beginning to hope that things heat up. Rain is fine, and I love the clouds, but it’s fast becoming too monotonous. I like to see blue skies and sun more often than once a week (so it feels like).

As for the universe, I was watching Star Trek. Yes, I’m a bit of a Trekkie. Go figure. It all has to do with that creative mind thing. I’m always thinking about the here and now, the past, and what we could possibly find in the future out in space. Anyway! It was making me wonder how many people to consider life outside of our planet. How many people have read Ender’s Game, The Roads of Heaven, the PERN series, and so many others? I like to think the majority of people really are not stuck inside of their safe little “boxes” hiding from possibilities.

Well, my aimless mind has gone on long enough for one post. The urge to blog has faded, and now I can smile. If you come here often, I hope you enjoyed some aspect of this or that I at least am making you think beyond your current mental boundaries. I’ll write soon. Be well!

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