I am slowly discovering more of the social networking amenities that are available. I am already attached to Facebook and MySpace. I have very recently begun to explore Twitter. There are so many more of these sites available that I may, at some point, look into those as well. Twitter does have me slightly baffled as to its functionality. It seems that it’s just a running log of status updates, unlike the other two which offer applications, games, and other features. However,  I am enjoying it so far.

Life is holding steady at the moment. It would seem we’ve reached a plateau of sorts. I do not yet know if there will be an ascension or descension when we reach the other side. I’m looking forward to the journey.  I find myself amazed at how quickly time continues to march. The first part of this year fooled me into believing it would move along at a more stately pace than the last, but here we are, already in mid-July. *gasp*

Sometimes, I wonder if I am the only one that time moves in bursts for. I truly cannot remember the time of year we’re in most times. I suppose it’s from my crazy work schedule. The pharmacy is a very strange place to work most of the time. The hours do keep me mixed up on occasion. In a way, the social networking sites assist me.

What, did you think I went off on a tangent for the heck of it. I only have one true topic at the moment and that is these sites. I have never been what you could call a socialite or social butterfly. I was the wallflower, the girl who never did anything. Because of this,  I truly feel I am somewhat inhibited with these networking outlets. I have to relearn some of my behaviors and ideology so that I might be able to actually connect with other people. For example, Facebook and MySpace are great, but I don’t really talk to anyone. Everyone else remembers as that quiet girl. It is a slow process, but I am growing a bit more due to the ease of interaction with other people.

Now, Twitter though, I am liking because of its continual updating. All I do is find people or topics that are interesting and it’s sort of like a constant news feed. If something really peaks my interest, I can always comment on it.

Okay, enough with my randomness of thought. If you would, think on the social networking thing. I hope you have more luck than I do, and perhaps, I’ll see you there!

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