As I sit here waiting for the time to pass until class, I find that I am enjoying being back in school. I no longer have the personal delusions that I could live as a professional student. My life has changed to much for that. I can, however, use this academic system to further myself in the world of life outside of academia. I have learned that while it wasn’t easy to ease myself back into this world, I know it to be a superb transitioning tool that I will utilize to my fullest advantage.

My current pharmacy technician job is adequate, but I do desire more. I like the patient interaction (even when the patients make no sense or are verbally brutal for no reason) so much so that I want to experience it on a different, more intense level than just the infrequent contact we have with a lot of our patients. College should aid me in pursuing a new career to fulfill this desire.

The educational environment is also soothing to me in its own way. I find that even when I’m stressed about class, it has the potential to help me relax. Unless you experience the same thing, it is a bit difficult to explain. I do have to head to class now. I will blog again soon, hopefully. They do seem to be coming more frequently.

Have a good night everyone. Dwell on your life, and where your future is headed. What can you do to make life work to your advantage? Remember, the outcomes are not always instantaneous.

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