Full Day Off

Today has been a superbly wonderful day. We took the day and did nothing but watch TV and movies for hours. Now we’re both on our computers. At times, it has been a bit boring, but oh so worth it. It is rare when we are able to sit around and just enjoy each others company. Between work and school my schedule is always crazy. So, today, I have wanted to do nothing except be calm.

In a way, it feels entirely too strange, and my restfulness shifts to restlessness but I’ve been able to draw myself back around. Everyone should be able to experience a rest day once in a while. If you can’t get away from it all on occasion, than you will never be able to unwind. Your mind and body deserve a break from the norm other than when you’re sleeping. I know that I need this every couple of months or so. Studying and cleaning can wait until tomorrow, and I don’t work until Monday.

I don’t believe anyone knows how truly wound up they are until they can step back and take a look. Yoga is next on my list of things to pursue. If not yoga, then some activity that will help me to relax. I’ve got the education goal under way again,  so it is time to start planning out other goals.

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend and that your month of February has been kind. I know the weather in many places has been odd, even surreal. I look forward to spring heading our way. Be well, and stay safe everyone. I’m going to continue my relaxation. The weather outside is perfect for it.

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