What are you supposed to do when you receive a story from two parties that don’t mesh in the slightest? Somehow, the one with more comprehensive and cohesive thought processes will ring true. I have heard two sides to an argument that has culminated in the ruination of friendship, and the two stories are so vastly different, that I know in my heart who I support. I am a person who is available for consultation whenever someone has a problem. The internet is a great tool to keep things in line and keeps my phone from going crazy like it did years ago. I have email and social networking that allows my acquaintances, and I stick to that term firmly, access to me if they need an ear. I have very few friends, and cultivate those relationships with a much steadier hand than my gardening skills display with all things green. I am thankful that I have facts to put with the argument that I witnessed the end to.

Moving on, I am absolutely tickled. Danielle, I don’t know if you find your way to my blog at all, but please let me wish you the best again. My engagement was a highlight and I still miss you from the wedding. I think you would have enjoyed the gardens where I was married. I hope that you can find a place as gorgeous as those gardens for your wedding whether indoors or outdoors. I have read your blog. That is the perfect outlet for venting. I like knowing that I have a blog that I can use when the mood strikes me.

To anyone else reading my blog, I hope to keep up this more frequent activity. I apologize again for my extended absence. In the upcoming months I am preparing for nursing. When I start the program I will need to let off steam from the stress. You should be seeing me quite a bit at that point. Oh, and I’ve started drawing piddly little comics which I will share here as well. I have to head off to work for a closing shift. I will be back soon. Have a good night everyone!

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