Father’s Day 2011

Today is a time to celebrate the fathers that try their hardest to be a good dad to their children. This is a thank you to all of the new dads who are figuring it all out to the old dads that realize they never really did  All parents hope that they have done the best that they can with the little ones that look to them for guidance.

For me, this is a day that causes me grief . My father decided that I was not fit to be his daughter after I was married. The story he has provided to people is skewed and I moved before i was able to give people my information o happenings. Luckily few were tainted by is stories so I am able to retain relationships with a lot of the family.

Over the years since my wedding he has effectively severed my means of trying to speak with him. He told me that he did not want communication from me before I moved and has subsequently has no email address for me to write and the message feature through Facebook that can be sent even when you are not friends has been disabled on is account.

He used to send me emails through an anonymous email system that does not allow for replies. now he does not even do that. This year I asked any family members on Facebook to wish him a Happy Father’s Day for me. It really galls me that I have to resort to that to say anything to him or find out how he is doing.

I am heading off now. Sorry or any spelling errors. I may come back later and fix them. I received a Kindle for my birthday (Thank you again!) and am still getting used to the keyboard. The browser is beta so I cannot see the full internet screen without zooming in and I did not bother to. Have a good day everyone.

**updated to correct spelling errors!**

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