Oh My Goodness

I’m on day three of being back to school. One day of class and day two of clinical. Today has been so interesting with the patients. There are a few mindsets I just don’t understand in some patients but I don’t let it affect me. I love the experiences. My patient has been awesome. I’m getting cleared on more procedures that I’m allowed to do without the instructor watching. It’s slow progress but definitely steady.

So, I don’t have much more to report, just on my lunch break. The TV on in the break room is saying that the weather is going to be nasty tomorrow. That is not going to be fun. I have so much homework to get done. Well, that’s okay. I’ll find time between work and school to get it done. It’s not like I have a choice.

Alright, bye ya’ll. I’ll be back again soon with more updates. This app really makes this easy for me to remember to sit down and take a few minutes to write.

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