Advice I’ve heard recently is to live for now. I worry about the future, where I’ll be, who I’ll know, and how to continue to grow. Now, I can re-orient myself and remember that growth takes time. Every day presents you with an opportunity to have a new thought to your own mind, a chance to revisit a thought or idea previously entertained, or maybe just a time to act upon a notion. As humans, we are uniquely suited to growth and adaptation. Many other creatures adapt out of need. We can do so out of desire.

My other self limiting property is a lack of social interaction. I have never felt comfortable around other people and quite frequently would prefer solitude. I helped myself with the step of marriage years ago. The nearly constant companionship has tempered me somewhat. I realize though that I still encounter social anxiety when faced with the task of interacting with others. I’d rather be unseen and unnoticed and feel embarrassed when I have to contribute to discussions. Recent events have shown me that there are people I have met that are more than willing to engage me in conversation and listen when I have something to say.

Amazed is how I feel knowing that I have the ability to impact some person’s life every day. Either someone reads my blog, or someone comes across my group on Facebook called Making The Best Of It, or during the course of work, school, or clinical. One person could be that small flicker of light that pulls someone out of the dark. I used to make myself readily available to those I consider friends to listen to their every worry and need. That was draining, and it’s not as if I was a professional to be doing that. Now, I’m glad there’s social networking, email, and texting where I can tell people that I can be reached. It let’s me offer my support and insights without being subjected to phone calls or situations that don’t really involve me.

I don’t have any shocking or startling revelations for today. So, I will write more later. I’ve been doing better with keeping up with the blog now since I don’t promise to write. I just enjoy doing so. Thank you readers!

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