It’s the Little Things

Wow, it is truly the little victories that make life worthwhile. The victory today was a bit bigger than little and really made me breathe easier. I learned, between yesterday and today, how wars get started. One person or a group of people acts upon something they feel is right without all the facts. Everything can spiral out of control from there if you let it. I have learned the proper channels to deal with perceived problems and used them to good effect. Today, it paid off. Today, my faith that people can act reasonably, responsibly, and with good integrity has been reinforced and provides me with more insight as to how I try to live my life.

My thanks goes out to those who supported me, even if a majority of those people will probably never read my blog. You have bolstered me beyond comprehension. I know my previous poem worried some people. Today, I learned that I have several bridges to supporting people in tact, they were just hidden.

I don’t judge people by their families. I will not hold your family or friends against you. I hope every day that people will learn who I am and judge me for me as I try to do for others. No one is perfect after all.

Readers, I thank you for visiting me. If you ever want to comment on my blog please subscribe so you can. Knowing that I have even one reader inspires me to continue to voice what happens and how I see things. Good bye for now!

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