So, has anyone else noticed that gas prices are once more on the rise? I thought we were supposed to be finding economic stability. Why is it that our government is allowing the continual increase? I know about supply and demand, of course, and I don’t have all the details, but I would think that something would be done about that at least. The rising cost of gas effects all commuters, families, and industry. It gets more difficult to afford the essentials when you have no compensation to balance the rising costs.

Alright, that was my rant. Now, on to a hobby. I am a closet anime fan. I have been working my way through shows I’ve watched previously and some I meant to watch but never got around to. So far, I have re-watched DragonBall Z, Inuyasha, and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and Endless Waltz. I’m watching for the first time Bleach, and so far I like it. I still want to want Outlaw Star, Tenchi, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Cowboy Bebop. I forgot how much I enjoy those shows. They really let your imagination go places and as you age, that is one aspect of yourself that can get lost. Don’t lose your ability to be creative.

I had an awesome day at clinical. I was in OR observation today. There were two procedures I was able to observe: an ovarian cystectomy and a total historectomy. Those were amazing to watch and my hands just itched with wanting to be an active participant. I’m beginning to think that OR is my calling. I’ll have to do more schooling after I become an LPN to get hired to that though, we shall see.

Well, good night! I hope you sleep well and are staying healthy. Oh, and a picture of our Hammy girl Meg!

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