Random Life

Sunday, again. I only have one assignment due tomorrow and med cards to make and laundry to take care of. Oh, I have to study, too. I really don’t enjoy having a test just about every week. I have a few days to go over my notes and books. For today, I feel strangely relaxed. I think that I’ll enjoy it.

I’ve been having some problems with my hair lately. Since readers will probably not know me, I can tell you that my hair is long and I want it to be longer. I usually twist it up in a bun or pull it up in a loopy type of ponytail. My hair reaches to waist, almost to my hips. When the weather is too cold or windy my hair just can’t be worn down. By the middle of the day my hair will look like one big knot as if it is was never brushed. I received a lot of advice through Facebook about how to control the frizzy nature of my hair because I want to heal the damaged ends rather than cut them. I’ll see how some of the suggestions work.

Moving from topic to topic, I love my hamster, our hamster. We have had the absolute worse luck with those little rodents. I’ve had some die from what I believe is stress, one had a tumor, some wound up not having the right food thanks to bad information from the pet store, and several had wet tail when they came home and we tried to nurse them. This little girl though is wonderful. We’ve had her about 4 or 5 months and we love her. She doesn’t bite, very rather poops on us, and let’s us pick her up whenever we want to even if we wake her up. Now she will even come out of her house up to the door of her cage when she hears and smells us. Meg is just SO cute. We have high hopes that she’ll live for at least another year.

Now, I think I’ve probably babbled enough. I’m going to go watch some Gundam Wing, and work on school work. Bye!

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