I began my spring break this past Thursday after my class. The college celebrates Evacuation Day which let us begin break early. The stress of my last test and final was brutal. I had more post-test anxiety than beforehand waiting to get my grades back to make sure I was continuing on. Even once I knew I was safe my adrenaline levels wouldn’t drop and I could feel my heightened senses for hours afterward.

I think that the stress finally got to me. Thursday evening I felt unwell and 2:30 AM Friday I was so sick. Working after you’ve been ill is not pleasant. I couldn’t bring myself to call out of work though knowing that we were already short handed. That was a long day, let me tell you. I couldn’t find anyone to come in and cover my shift. In some ways, I suppose it wasn’t all bad, just rough. My back pain was worsened by the heaviness I felt after being sick but it was helped by the chiropractic appointment.

So, Friday night had me feeling slightly more well but that’s probably because I rested constantly. On my way out the door Saturday morning I almost was sick again. I’m thinking that I tried eating too much too soon after being sick to let my body recover. By the end of my work day Saturday I was feeling moderately okay but dinner has left me unwell again. I am trying to sleep now, but my stomach wants to rebel. Some way to start off a break, huh?

I’ve been wanting to blog for two weeks now. The looming end of my medical-surgical rotation had me strained and stressed for two solid weeks. Next I get to go to maternal child health/OB-pediatrics. I haven’t been looking forward to this rotation for emotional purposes. I’ve had enough time to come to terms with it. I’ll perform my best for clinical and class and just through it.

I do want to wish my brother-in-law congratulations for his retirement from the Navy on March 16. I’m sure it’s been a long 20 years for him.

Our cats are driving us nuts. One of them likes to throw up everywhere. Both of them like to be constantly around us. They are our babies. The real baby is our little Princess Meg. That hammy girl is just awesome. We hope to buy her a new cage soon. I want one that has tubes so she has more room to run around. Our little hoover ham-ham. We put out food and set her near it and the stuff just gets sucked up into her cheeks. She’s so cute!

Well, I think my stomach has settled enough for me to rest, I hope. Hubby is actually asleep before me for a change. That’s good though, because he gets so little sleep from his pain. I hope that I have a better rest of my break. I will do some school work, but there’s no pressure, so I can try to relax. I only hope my classmates do the same.

Good night or good morning. I’ll write again soon, now that this major bought of stress is passed.

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