So, I have decided that waking up in pain is rather unpleasant. The car accident I was involved in has provided me with a plethora of pains that I haven’t previously had to endure. Seeing a chiropractor helps, but I find that for once I’ll use medication without qualm to be functional. For the first time in my life my doctor’s office made me feel like a drug seeker. The ER had prescribed me a certain medication for severe back spasms and it worked. Heck, I even used it roughly twice a day versus the three times a day as prescribed. Without the chiropractic visits I would have needed it three times a day easily.

Anyway, that medication ran out finally, so I went to see my primary care. They chose to change the medication. I agreed to try it, with some hesitancy because the other prescription had worked. I did ask what they wanted me to do if this didn’t work well. I was told to just call back. I have the medication from Monday to Thursday and it worked to an extent but the onset took longer and when it ended it was abrupt. The first medication tapered on and off so that I wasn’t in instant spasms again. I guess the PA who saw me on Monday didn’t accurately relay my appointment details to my actual doctor. Trying to get a refill on the medication that worked I was not being understood when I explained the differences between the two medications worked in my body. Finally, after all day phone tag I did get the medication that worked. It’s a week supply but that was fine. I have no problem seeing the doctor if I need more after that time frame. Seriously though, most people know what works for them. Especially people who aren’t chronically in pain and always getting medication. Heck, I hate taking pills with a passion.

I’m in the middle of school work. Assignments due Monday are always fun and I’m studying for tests on Wednesday. Oh the joys of education. I really do feel that it’ll all be worth it in the end. I look forward to the end of my program. Then I’ll hopefully land a decent job nursing to be able to work for a while then go back to school. Plans are good to have. I just needed a break from schoolwork so that’s why I’m blogging today.

Oh, and happy first month of spring. It certainly doesn’t feel like spring yet. We didn’t really have a winter at all this year. Honestly, I missed having some snow although I was glad I didn’t have to shovel much. The seasons have been crazy over the last few changes of seasons. Well, I’m looking forward to spring. I can deal with allergies. I’ve been sick aa few times this winter and am looking forward to warmer weather.

Bye for now, everyone. I need some hot tea for my headache. I’ll be around again.

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