Aches and Life

This weather is truly irritating to my body. The constant fluctuations of temperature and all around strange weather leaves me aching abominally. I have been wanting medication for my back where I have scarcely been taking anything now. IĀ  have been listening to my chiropractor and utilizing ice. Those apppointments are still happening three times a week. It’s such a large chunk of my time gone every week.

As long as I am able to keep going to school I will survive. I have to finish this program. On my way to doing so. I made it through fundamentals, a somewhat psych rotation, and medical-surgical. Now I am in obstetrics/maternal child, and then pediatrics. After that I will be with visiting nurses in the community, hospice care, and medications at the nursing homes. Then I will be done! Well, done with this leg of my journey. I will need further schooling to get where I want to be.

Hmm, not too much else to share. Balancing work and school and home is interesting. Our baby hamster looks to be all grown up now. I must get some more pictures of our PrincessĀ  Meg-A-Byte for you all to see. Okay, I am out for now. Be well and stay safe.

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