Easter 2012

Well, I have been delinquent in posting. I have missed writing here. So, let’s see what I have to say. Happy belated birthdays to the March babies. I didn’t make time to give ya’ll birthday wishes at the end of the month. Hopefully you had good days and the best of times.

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny was gracious to us. We are getting ready to have Easter dinner with the family. First there is an egg hunt for the nieces and nephews. I would have liked a warmer day.The food smells divine.  Mom in laws cooking usually does.

I have less than three months left of school. My last day and graduation is June 28. I am thoroughly enjoying my OB clinical and have pediatrics next. I love helping the moms with their babies. My jealousy has not been a problem though I have gotten teary eyed many times. I have yet to see a vaginal birth and am so ready to see a c-section. My goal is to one day be an OR scrub nurse.

If winter was non existent, this spring is just a continuation of the strange weather. Hopefully we start getting some warmer weather soon. I want to be able to enjoy my time outside more with the limited quantities I have between work and school.

I am off now! Enjoy your holiday and I will blog again soon. Promise!

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