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It is my birthday once again. Do we really have to have one of these every year? I suppose they serve a purpose but I would be perfectly happy to spend the rest of my years in oblivion as to my numerical age. However, THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. All of those little things made a good day into an awesome day. Even the universe gave me some moments of sun amidst the clouds and rain I was praying for. So, thank you again.

I had to go see an ENT doctor today. My snoring has been causing my hubby distress at night for a while. I have been half joking in telling him to please record me so I could hear the snoring. Well, he did, and I was not happy with what I heard. Yes, I snore like a “buzz saw” to quote my hubby, but to my untrained ears I  was having many moments of apnea.

This was not good although my developing nursing skills could not tell me every thing that was significant because it was regarding myself. Long and of it, the doctor I saw verified I was hearing apnea in my snore patterns. He is going to set me up for a sleep study to confirm and make sure nothing else is wrong. All of my physical elements to my body are in tact and normal. I may need a cpap machine which I expected if I have sleep apnea. This also answers hubby’s question of why I am always so tired. The lack of oxygen when I sleep causes daytime fatigue, which is getting worse, regardless of how much I sleep. I seem to get more rest with an hour or less at a time but that is impractical for the night.

Looking forward to a good birthday evening though. I have no choice but to continue on with my plans for future life goals. Keeping my hopes up! It is just good to know what I am up against regarding my health.

Be back soon! Bye for now.

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