Tick Tock

This semester is almost over. Then there’s only another eight week semester to go. Each day dials up the nerves a bit more. I’m nearly giddy with anticipation, and I have noticed a significant change in my temperament. So close now.

I’m keeping this short, more of a quick breather before bed. I am balancing school and work, and my work is definitely my stress point now. I get a twitchy eyelid, really badly, sometimes. At first, we thought it was caffeine. No such luck. I stopped caffeine intake and had minor resolution but now it doesn’t matter if I drink it or not. So, I thought it was school. After all, nursing programs are demanding. I’m actually fairly calm with school. Guess what? It’s work! The minute I step through the door that little tic begins and doesn’t quit until an hour or so after my shift ends. Ah well, I need the insurance work gives me, so no stopping it. Sometimes school and caffeine contribute, but work is the trigger right now.

I haven’t forgotten about the poem, but I’m not going to go find it now. I promise it’ll get put up. I’m also going to give you my old writings for some input. I’m talking older as is more than 10 years ago. Wow.

Anyway, I’m for bed. I will return! Good night readers. I hope you are safe and sound and enjoying yourself tonight and always.

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