Hello, hello. My mind has been buzzing with the need to post. I don’t really know how many people follow my blog, but it doesn’t matter. I like to write randomly, and derive pleasure knowing that I may be entertaining someone or at the very least causing your mind to think whether in agreement or argument to things I state. We’re at a strange point in the year. Being that this is an election year we have all of the hooplah going on, as well as Halloween just passing, so now we’ll be inundated with Christmas things even though Thanksgiving hasn’t even made it here yet! My, aren’t we busy people? I know that I certainly am and every so often I feel like I’m going to become the child from the Exorcist and have my head twist all the way around.

So, what is going on here? Actually, not much. Still on the job hunt. Prospects are actually looking better as I’m seeing more ads. Work is steady. Home life is steady. I’m still stressed though. Go figure! So, I’m starting to take some breaks for myself. I have fully reinstated my pre-bedtime ritual of reading. That is soothing to me. At least once a week I indulge in a hot bath. I’ve found that a bubble bath that serves no other purpose that to relax you can be highly recommended.

Over the next few weeks I intend to start writing again. As I write, I’ll post snippets here. I think I finally have my phone set the way I want it to be so I can actually use WordPress to blog from there. We shall see.

Thinking over life, I wish that there could be three or four times a year where you could stop time for twenty-four hours. During that time, you wouldn’t be tired, and your energy would have an even keel. That way, you could catch up on things that fall behind, just rest, or do whatever you wanted to do. It would be like an extra day crammed in to only five minutes of “normal” time. This way, it would only affect you, and things that pertain directly to you (updating schedules, planning events, reading, prepping in a general sort of way for the next few months). That would be pretty amazing.

Well, there’s something for you to think about until next time. I have to head off to work for now. Bye!

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