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Hi there. If you’ve been following me recently for the story you will have to come back another time. This one is just a life update for those not keeping up with me on Facebook.

Toward the end of February our best loved pet hammie Meg-A-Byte passed. We don’t know what took her, but after she died it almost looked like she had a growth in her belly. I think what was most devastating is that she could have lived another year or more. When we realized she was unwell we tried to find a vet for her. Did you know most vets just don’t cater to small critters? Hubby wasn’t able to get an appointment except from one vet who wound up not being available until the night after she passed. I don’t think those vets truly understand that unlike bigger animals, small critters need care immediately when they are ill because everything happens to them so much faster.

Now, we were saddened and grieving for our hammie baby, but we weren’t alone. We still have Q. And in late January we adopted a litter of Russian Campbell dwarf hamsters. That left us with seven litter critters. None of them were Meg but at least we had them. He did go out and buy a new hamster that is now named Emma. She is sweet and pretty but very hyper. He was hoping she’d be like Meg but no such luck. So, we give her attention like the others but she’s just not our baby.

The cat is doing fine. He is an old boy. I found his brush again. We are starting to develop a nightly routine. After I get everything situated he jumps up on the bed and stares at me meowing now and then almost asking for the brush. He loves it. I don’t even have to brush him. I just hold it steady for him to rub his face against. Silly cat.

I have found my creative soul again. It’s being developed but already working. I have done two paintings and started the story that is on my blog. I have missed this part of myself. Hubby seems to have realized that I am a happier person lately.

It’s just time to move on in life. I have to nurture all of me if I’m to become a better me. Even this past week at work I made myself be upbeat and smiling. It made a concrete difference.

Reflect on your life. Do you go through each day or most days miserable? Do you feel like it drags you down? Being disgruntled and unfulfilled on a daily basis will wear down your immune system and make you tired. Think about your life and what you can change. I stopped trying to change the world around me. Just waking up and choosing to smile has changed me. Good luck with your personal self adjustments. It’s not always easy.

Until next time! Stay safe and be well.

Painting 2: Inner Turmoil
Painting 1: Landscape of Thought

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