Half Gone

Can you believe that 2013 is nearly halfway gone? I swear that time just runs away from us in leaps and bounds. We live in a society that doesn’t seem to want to take a breather. I know the economy still isn’t the greatest, so for many vacations are off of the table, but honestly, a day or two off that is not just normal time off from daily worries would be beneficial. I’m talking time away to yourself and/or family with no thought directed toward work, pending appointments, bills, etc.

For example, I’m a week post inventory for my work. I thought that once the stress of prepping and the actual day had passed me by that I would return to normal and be fine. Not so much. I haven’t had any extra time off to really rest my brain. Yes, I sleep okay, rather normal, but even in sleep my brain will not relax. So, it’s a week later, and I’m still feeling worn out and dragging. It’s like I’ve had no time to recover, and at this rate it’s going to take a while because I just can’t seem to stop. I won’t ask for an extra day off, I come home thinking about work, and working on work related items that in and of themselves are not stressful, but it’s a cumulative effect.

Rest. It’s important. Not only sleep at night (or day, whenever you normally sleep) but rest for your brain.

Speaking of work, I finally had an interview for a nursing position. It’s up and the air as to whether or not I’ll get a second interview, but I least I got one. So, I figure that if I land this job, joy of joys. If I don’t, that’s okay, too. Once I started being asked to interview, I feel like the whole job hunting thing will go much, much more smoothly. So, joy! I only hope that if  this one doesn’t pan out something else will soon. I’ll be looking until the right job and I find each other.

Hmm, Silver Light is still being worked on, for those of you who were following Lahrya, don’t worry. I promise you more will be posted soon. I even have another painting that needs to be finished since I brought up creative things. There’s some poetry brewing as well. Inventory took a lot out of me, but it’s okay! I found so many things in recent months with regard to myself, I will not let any stress ruin the good I’ve done for me. Slow steps. Yes.

Now, we lost one of our hammies recently. We had nine, now we have eight. The three Syrians are perfectly fine. Emma, Q, and Winnie seem to be enjoying their lives with us. There were six Russian Campbell dwarves we adopted. We have had one escape us just a few days ago and she did not return to food being left out. 🙁 We’ve had these little ones for a while now, and they’re just as much family as the bigger one. We will miss you Fattie Two. On the positive note, Fattie One (now just Fattie) has been moved into the cage with the other two girls (Nipper and Sweetie formally Fattie) and the three sisters are getting along just fine. The boys (Buddy and Bratty) enjoy their cage together. The cat is the same. Squeak will never change.

Oh my goodness, I could keep on rambling but I think I need sleep. I’ll save some of news and opinions for later. I hope everyone is well and I will endeavor to return sooner than later since I still have more to say. It would be nice to act on the idea of blogging (goodness know I have enough tech to make it convenient) instead of just desiring to do so. Good night!

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