Summer time! How was your longest day of the year? I spent a very large portion of it working. Didn’t mind at all, but was a bit tired by the end. I cannot believe the summer solstice is almost over. To think that the days just start getting shorter again. Will you notice the change right away or not until autumn? I love the official changing of the seasons. They’re kind of like mile markers each year.

So, big news for me. My father has actually made contact. I gave him a fairly lengthy explanation of how I was feeling for a long time even though I’ve been trying to move on. I’m still waiting to see what he’ll respond back. After I hear from him there’s still more I have to tell him about all the confusing and frustrating times. Here’s to having my fingers crossed.

Hmm. Not too much else going on. I’m sort of using the solstice as new starting point for me. I’m going to try and get back on the weight loss track. There’s too much riding on it being successful. If it’s not, then maybe it’s a sign. I believe I can do it though. Why not? I have to find the will power somewhere.

At work, we have begun speaking in hashtags. Talk about amusing. I was tickled to notice that Facebook finally acknowledges them. So, now I’ve become a hashtagger. I’ll let you all off with a short one this time. The gym is trying to call my name bright and early and I would like to answer that call. Bye!

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