New Year Well Begun

Welcome to 2014 two months in. I have high hopes for this year that are slowly beginning to take form. First, you should know that I made no resolutions. I made no goals that may be measured. I simply told myself “Be happy.” This has been my driving motivation for two months. I would have to say it’s been effective.

I have thrown myself into the lead technician role at CVS wholely and gladly. The response I had from my coworkers was pleasing. Even though the feelers have always been out for a nursing position, there was going to be no griping, complaining, or being irritated with what I currently had. I wanted to be that person that other people saw and tried to emulate or come to with questions. In many, many ways I succeeded.

Then, in a twist I wasn’t expecting, I finally received a job offer for my LPN license! Nervous, even hesitantly, I pursued the offer. I didn’t want, and still don’t want, to abandon my pharmacy family. At first, they talked about a 40 hour per week position. That would have been amasing. They wound up offering me a 24 hour per week position. That actually set my mind at ease. I’ll be able to work both jobs and, since my foot will be in the door, slowly ease out of hours at the pharmacy and into more hours at the nursing position as they become available. I start training in about one week.

I haven’t been posting anything about the nursing position until I received the job offer after all of the interviews. I was so afraid of jinxing it.

My sister is getting married at the end of March. Hubby and I are looking forward to going to see the wedding. She and I are talking a little more. That made me incredibly happy. I really hurt being shut out of the lives of family members. Communication is slow between some, but it’s there. That’s all I can ask for now.

Even my father has been using Facebook as a medium to communicate. It’s not perfect, but it’s reasonable. I am, after all, most easily reached by social media.

My MVA case is still moving forward. That’s all I can say about that or anything regarding it. That’s a good thing though.

The other end I of the health spectrum, I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis pretty severely. I’ve been going crazy trying to cope with that. Surprisingly, it was the nurse manager I interviewed with whose advice has worked the best. I purchased a new pair of sneakers, avoiding the $20 Walmart sneakers. I bought some in soles that I put in my pair of comfy shoes. Those two pairs of shoes I wear right now. I interchange them every few days. The biggest help is that any time my feet hit the floor shoes go on. I’m really never bare foot any more. My pain level for my foot has gone from a constant 8-10 to a very minor 2 with few spikes. Still healing but going in the correct direction.

In two months I’ve maybe had two or three black days. Just horrid nothing is right days. I was able to shake it off. I recognized how I was feeling and drew myself away from it. The pleased feeling afterward that I had from conquering those bad days was great.

Hubby and I are batting around some weight loss ideas. We want to be healthier. There are still hopes for a child in the future. If it’s in our future that would be wonderful. Through much clawing and climbing we’re in a better place financially even though I do worry neatly every day at least once that something may go wrong. It’s difficult to realize you’re doing okay when it’s been rough for so long. Even though we’ll buy what we need to buy, I still find myself looking for the cheapest options to save. I suppose that’s just being smart.

So, I hope the beginning of this year has been kind to you. I hope that if you’ve made resolutions you’ve been able to keep them. Friends and family should know that I think of you fondly and frequently. If you need to reach me Facebook is best but email works too. Or texting. I also have Skype.

Until next time, be well, and stay safe.

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