Trying Healthier

Well, I have officially moved into trying to alter my lifestyle to be healthier to hopefully shed some weight. Most of any problems I seem to have right now are weight related. So, here’s to looking for the healthy me.

I’ve met with a medical weight loss clinic a mere five days ago. I’m on day four of actively trying to be healthier. The team there was just amazing at making me feel comfortable. No judgment. Only encouragement. Now, I have someone to truly hold me accountable for keeping track of my did intake and calorie output and other such things.

My weight loss tracker is at the top of my blog here. I haven’t figured out how to move it to another spot. I’ve been sharing with Facebook, may branch out to Google+, and figured that my blog is ideal to share on to keep me accountable. I need people to check up on me to make sure I’m still on track. I don’t doubt I may slip up at some point, but I don’t want to lose heart.

Yes, weight loss is a goal.
Yes, lack of pain is a goal.
Yes, decreased sleep apnea is a goal.
Yes, pregnancy is still a goal.



I just want to be healthy. Above all else.

Since I’ve begun, I’ve tried to drastically reduce my carbohydrate intake. I am supposed to have protein with every meal and snack. Salads are already becoming a staple with some form of protein mixed in. I like spinach, bell peppers, broccoli. Plain Greek yogurt has started to adorn salads as a dressing, thin sandwich bread as a condiment, and I’m learning what else I can use it for. Next I need to buy some protein powder. Bought a bottle with a protein mixer ball in it today.

I’ve actually had a surprising amount of energy since cutting back on the carbs. Hoping it continues. My wonderful Christmas gift of a Fitbit hadn’t clocked 10000 steps ever until two days ago. I managed to push to make that threshold. It required quick walks in between patients in clinic, pacing the halls on break, actually grocery shopping and walking circles around the store, walking the mall after work, and so on. I’m not making that threshold today, but I did do much better for a Saturday than I’ve ever done.

Wish me luck. I’m fighting a major carb craving right now, but I’m winning. Water helps, and I have some turkey pepperoni or mozzarella string cheese if I’m really desperate.

Signing off. I’ll have to post pictures of some of salads or other meals I come up with!

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