Missing Time

There was a glitch in my blog very soon after my last post. One of the themes that I utilized updated and crashed the resources I use. It took more than a month for me to remember to have my husband take a look at it to try and fix it. He routed out the problem and got me up and running again. I could not find a theme that I liked though, which dampened my mood because of lack of enthusiasm for how the site looked. Now, I have a theme that is okay but does need to be changed. Even so, it’s been 8 months. That’s a very large gap in time.

Health and Wellness

The other reason I have been so absent is my husband. I’ll be dedicating posts to him soon, and giving details as to a journey we’re currently on with his health. I have been wanting to write about him. It’s been forefront on my mind, so every time I wanted to blog, I backed off. I needed to wait until he was okay with me publicly posting about him specifically. I have posted to Facebook, but the posts have been directed to the Friend audience instead of public. Everything will be public here.


I have not forgotten about giving you hammy updates! Those will also be forthcoming. Please also look for my group on Facebook: Hamster Life. [ ] Our brood is large and loved. Details and pictures to come. We do adore these creatures and they bring us such joy.


There are some family shout outs I may do at some point. Perhaps, if I call people out on a public level, they might respond. Right now though, I am focusing on the family and friends that seem to actually take an interest in my life. I want to be able to follow everyone that means anything to me, but some people make that impossible. For whatever reason, I am shut out. My focus is becoming more narrow, and that does sadden me, but I need to be able to protect myself from the pain of being pushed away. That is a life lesson that is proving to be difficult. Please, all family, and friends, know that I love you.


I have a new found joy in nature and sky photography. It is only with my cellular phone camera, but the images bring me joy. I will be sharing this with you in due course. It is my hope that all creative and artistic expression will make others smile.


I will be sharing my opinions on topics eventually. I am game for conversations on these opinions.


Above all else, I want the people in my life to have more good days than bad. I want you to be able to smile in the midst of storms and know that you can come out stronger on the other side. As I share my fears, loves, weaknesses, joys, struggles, and triumphs, please remember that you can always track me down through social media if nothing else if you need to talk.


Join Me

Please feel free to register on my blog to be able to comment on my posts. All comments are subject to approval before showing up for the general populace. If you are mindful, not vulgar, and respectful, I will allow your comment to show up. No advertising. When you register, be sure to fill out at least your first name in the form. If all I have is your login/nickname and an email address, I will probably remove you. I do removals every few months. I do want to connect with others though, so please join my blog!


Wishing everyone the best for today. You will hear from me again, soon!

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