Countdown Day 10

Countdown Day 10

Surgery is drawing ever closer for my beloved. He has been doing incredible. There are days when he is amazed by how much he manages to eat now and how much easier it seems to be to eat. I am proud of him, watching him stoically plow forward with the plan for surgery despite feeling better. There are times when and things that he eats that reminds him that the cancer is still present.

Only 10 days remain before the life changing day (as if just being diagnosed with cancer is not life changing enough). I have a “bug-out” bag ready to go, since I do plan on camping out at the hospital. He says that he’s okay with that, that my being there makes it easier for him. I’ll have the time off of work specifically to stay with him. Anything he allows me to do to help is fantastic.

Stress levels on the rise.

I can see it in him that he is starting to get stressed. His manifestations of stress are different than mine (to be expected). I still have back pain and headaches. Medication helps me on days that are worse. I can see it in his face that sleep is starting to not have as great of an effect on him. I don’t have many options except to be calm and portray to him that calmness as often as possible. I also cater to him when I can. After all, he is legitimately ill. It hurts no one to try and make him feel special.

A good day.

Today was a good day in each other’s company. There was a locksmith convention (lots of vendor handouts but no door prizes) we attended and ate out at Cracker Barrel. Just getting away from home was nice. On the ride home, I drove. I got to view one of the prettiest sunsets in a long time. Didn’t get a #skyjoy picture though, because I was driving. Watching those clouds go cream and gold to red and pink to darker shades of blue was impressive. He was then enthralled by the moon. It was doing peek a boo with the clouds, and being nearly full was gorgeous.

The night has been rougher. Despite a good day, he was feeling unwell, and it caught up with him after getting home. He got physically sick for the first time in forever. Usually, it would be if something got stuck, that would come up only. I hope he feels better soon. We’re both fairly certain it is something that he ate a few nights ago.

Preop on the horizon!

Tomorrow he goes in for his preoperative appointment. I’m taking the day off of work to go with him. Hoping for a smooth, uneventful day. I’m honestly just soaking up the time before he hits recovery post-operatively. Taking everything day by day, as usual, of course.

One day at a time! 


Minor/major update: Writing this while watching one of our favorite shows. Tonight will be the first time I blog about the show. It has upset me.

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