What Weight Loss?

With all of the stress in life right now, I have severely plateau’d with my weight loss. I know that I have gained weight back and lost it, but I seem to be stuck. At the start of this week, I started listening to an audiobook The Overfed Head talking about thintuition.

The concept made sense to me, where everything else no longer seems to be working, so I am trying it. Simple concept. Eat when hungry. Eat exactly what you want when you are hungry. Stop eating when you are no longer hungry, when you are satisfied, not full.

This is to take your focus off of food. Eat for true pleasure and fuel. Do not eat because it is scheduled, or you think you should be hungry. I have actually been surprised with what my body has wanted to eat. Yes, I have wanted sweets. Not for every time I Am hungry. There was one time when all I wanted was peas. So, all I ate was peas. It did not take much to satisfy my hunger at that time.

While I am not planning out everything I eat, tracking calories and nutrition, I am keeping a very basic food journal to just see what my body is wanting when hungry. I still seem to gravitate toward protein, which is interesting, but I have not been afraid of wanting carbs or sweets.

I have to remember to take care of me during the stress of life that is all consuming right now. This is only a small trial to see if my body actually agrees with eating this way. Hardest part this week has been learning when I am hungry and then when I am satisfied.

If this is successful, it is not a diet. This is the ultimate lifestyle change. No rules being imposed. No outside source controlling what is consumed. No required amounts of certain foods or nutrients.

Giving it a go!

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