Inner Peace

Inner Peace

This world we live on offers some predictability,
but all too often,
events are beyond our control.
Not even your response to events
is wholly your choice
as your biological response overrides thought.
Finding peace is not easy,
and it does not always come quick.
To be kind to yourself,
to feel level headed,
on an even keel,
you have to seek out peace within yourself.
To take all that has happened
and your response to those events
and push it away,
that is no easy trick.
It takes practice.
Sitting still in a crowded place or
all alone to let your mind roam
then focus.
All worries,
all cares,
Close your eyes.
You take one breath, then take another.
The world falls away.
It leaves you alone,
for just a moment.
Feel your heart beat within
your chest, the steady pulse echoed in your body
to the edge of each extremity.
This moment, right now,
you do not have to care.
All that makes up you
is all you feel.
Keep breathing.
Pain, joy, loss, triumph,
none of it matters.
Your stillness envelopes you,
it is a blanket to hide in
for the moment.
Deep breath.
Eyes open.
Sit still a moment longer,
and feel your pulse still beating,
feel each breath you take.
Inner peace.
Just those few moments can be all you need
to face the world again
until the next time you need a break.
Now go about your daily life,
but do not forget,
never forget,
to pause,
and find your moment of peace,
when the world is too much.



I do not often read my own work out loud for others to hear, but this one seemed warranted. Hopefully, it makes an impression.


  • Annette Stewart

    What a beautiful poem?Your an inspiration!

  • Tara

    That is beautiful, Amber .

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