Trials to Overcome

90 Days Update

My husband is 90 days post op today. These last 3 months have been some of the most stressful for me. I cannot really tell how he is feeling. Outwardly, it appears that he is not focusing forward and is living for the now. Sometimes, I wish I could see inside his head.

Overall, he is doing well. I was hoping he would do well post op. I have read so many stories of those who do not do so well. He is far from perfect, though, and it is those times when the hard truth of what he needs to deal with every day that rends my heart. He is quick to remind me that this is not my fault. I know that. I still want to be able to help him, and I cannot.

The Trials

Stenosis. Strictures. These joys cause new swallowing problems that he was not expecting post op. As the surgery site heals, the new joining of stomach and esophagus is forming scar tissue. That tissue is pulling together and making it difficult to swallow and he feels it up toward his throat.

To combat this, he goes in for endoscopies to have the area dilated. He has now had 2 dilations in the past month. The procedures themselves are fine. They seem to work for a while before he has problems again. His surgeon plans on placing a stent if/when it happens again so that it cannot scar down too much.

Next problem is coming from the endoscopies. More specifically from the anesthesia. Each time it is administered, he seems to acquire a new side effect when before he did quite well with anesthesia. I will continue to monitor after each one to make sure the side effects pass quickly.

On a more daily basis, he has a cough every morning. I do not think it is from reflux. He has gotten better about taking his stomach emptying medication and not eating too late. Sleeping in the recliner has helped. We do hope to transition back to our bed soon.

And, dumping syndrome. This little beauty is horrible. As we try to reintroduce foods he used to love, we are finding more things that just do not agree with his gut. No lasagna. No fried foods so far except French fries. Most processed desserts, cookies, sugary confections are no good. Chocolate seems to be okay. Anything too carbohydrate or sugar heavy is not agreeable.

The Positive

He functions normally once the coughing, hacking, or ill feelings subside. He can work normally with very few restrictions. It is wonderful to keep his mind busy.

His weight is stable. He can eat well enough, often enough, and calorie dense enough to keep his weight stable. He has not gotten back to his pre diagnosis weight, but that is perfectly fine since he had some weight to lose.

His spirits are high. Even though he gets scared and nervous whenever things feel like they are going awry, he has said it and I have seen it, he still works at keeping my spirit light. This man fills my heart with love and joy so often. We support each other. I get my share of making him laugh and smile, too.

And, he is 3 months post op. That is huge! As hard as things may be sometimes, he has made it this far. So much could have gone wrong right after surgery. He is a fighter. My cancer warrior.

Looking Forward

His first scan post op will be on March 1st. There is some definite anxiety building on my part. I am more worried than he is about that scan. Prayers and hope for clear scans from here until eternity.

I am hoping that his daily symptoms begin to show improvement. He is reaching a point some days where all I do is monitor him when he sleeps to make sure he is okay.

More Thoughts

Cannot express my gratitude to everyone that includes us in their prayers and positive thoughts. As strong as he and I are together, it is very possible we would not have made it this far without everyone else in at least spirit.

Now I have to focus on my stress levels. I have very nearly given up hope on losing more weight right now and my eyelid has developed a tic that I only get with nerves. If anyone ever wants to buy me anything, make it coloring books and coloring supplies! I will have to start some posts for my colored pages.

So, that is everything I want to tell you. Thank you for reading. Will look for your comments here or on any of my social media that I link back to this pag e from. More updates later!

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