Good Insight

I only want to link to another blog right now. I read this earlier today and it just makes sense to me. With all of the transgender hype, everyone really needs to take a step back. Just because a child likes “boy things” or “girl things” does not mean the parents should tell them they are anything other than their born gender.

Children have to grow and learn. Whatever allows them to express themselves is key. Providing a loving environment is what allows them to see who they are. Puberty will often bring out their sexual orientation. Why would we want to tell them before they reach puberty what they should prefer? Example: Tell a boy who likes pink and dolls that he should identify as a girl, which means he should like boys if he is a girl, then comes puberty. Puberty tells him he likes girls, because he is a boy, but now he is confused because if he is a “girl” he should like boys. I would be confused, too.

Anyway, please take a read of this blog post. It is well written.

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