New Day One

Day 1

The first quarter of this year has been pretty rough. So many ups and downs and this roller coaster probably does not have an end in sight. I strive to remain positive, to help others feel valued, motivated, understood. So, with this first of the month and start of the second quarter of the year, I am trying to refocus.

Fitbit and MyFitnessPal have been accessed anew with goals updated. Step goal no where near achieved, but I did pay attention to what I ate and drank today. Aside from the headache I am developing (lack of coffee, just too busy to get some today) I feel a little proud of myself. Looking forward to losing this weight to lose some pains.


Going to take this slow and steady so I do not set myself back immediately. Considering some ibuprofen and heading to sleep. Just waiting on hubby to finish holding the hammies. Weekends are always the hardest to be on track for health, so, focus is in order.

Now, if only I can bring my writing in sync with my health goals. One step at a time!

Oh, Yeah, April Fool’s Day!

Hope no one got pranked too bad today! May your year progress well from this point whether you have had an amazing year so far or have been in the gutter. We can always move forward.

Day by day!

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