Day of Fathers

Father’s Day

A day we celebrate those people that assumed the father figure role in our lives. For some people, this is their biological father. For others, it is a step father, grandfather, uncle, father-in-law, godfather, mother assuming a dual role, one half of a lesbian couple as more of a father figure, two dads of a gay couple, role reversed transgender parent, foster parent, or the significant other of a single parent that holds a father role. People also celebrate the father or father figure of their children.

This Father’s Day, I have given immense thought to. With my husband’s cancer, I have been looking at a lot of things more seriously lately.

So, before I delve in to my specific thank you’s, I would like to offer a Happy Father’s Day to every single father figure who is reading it. Whether you can be with your father, or you’re a father figure with children, or simply thinking of the children that you care for, whatever your circumstances. If you are loved by a father figure, or a father figure that loves a child, you are amazing. If you are a person who nurtures children, you are important.

My Brother(-in-laws)/Cousins

Hoping that when you are parents, be it of children or pets, you have an amazing time!

To My Uncles

I love you. Most of you, I grew up knowing with great joy. I know one uncle I have only met online, but he syncs right in with the family I grew up knowing. I learned love through what you had shown your children, and extended to me. I learned about life, about family, about books. Even though I have not seen my uncles in ages, I think about you all the time. I know I reach some of you online.

My Granddad

I love you. I learned more about you after I was married and we connected online. I value your wisdom. I enjoy our phone calls. I could be sad that I did not get to know you well when I was young, but we seem to be making up some lost time. All we can do is proceed forward in life. Thank you always for loving me.

My Father-in-Law

I love you. I met you when I was just your son’s girlfriend, and maybe even before that when we were friends. I know that you care deeply for me, and I can see the love you have for your sons. Humor is your weapon of choice, even if it is sometimes misplaced, it’s not a bad one. While life has been crazy the past couple of years, I can see the bond that you have to family, and it touches me to the core.

My Stepfather

You were not in my life for long, but you were the father to my sisters. I do love you, and am not sure if you will ever reach this. I am glad that you have started to step up and really be more of a dad to Danielle. I really learned my love of music from you, watching your enjoyment from it. And I did learn life lessons from you. Thank you.

My Father Figure

I love you. My mother’s boyfriend. You were the one that I got to take my cue from on how I should be treated later in life when I found a guy, even though I never realized it until recently. You are respectful of my mother, and you cared for my sisters and I as though we were your own. I know growing up we did not understand how priceless that gift was. Too many boyfriends, or new men in children’s lives, are only there for the mother. We learned values from you, at least I did. I know Sarah views you more of a dad than any of us. Even to this day, I enjoy hearing insights from you, though they are few and far between. My hope is to see you grow old with my mother, and to have you in my life until you are old and gray and eventually leave us from old age. Thank you.

My Father

I love you. I doted on you as a small girl. I looked forward to your letters from overseas as I grew up. The gifts were nice, but I loved the letters. Once you finally were discharged from the navy, I was able to see you more with summer visits. Having you in my life was very important. I felt devastated when we had a divide after my marriage. The damage from that has been very slow in repair. Thankfully, we have been working to repair our relationship. Social media has been a blessing with that. One day at a time.

My Husband

I love you. I know you have had a rough time with the life occurrences not allowing you to be in your children’s lives. I am sorry life occurrences have not given us any children as we hoped. But, you have been amazing with our furry babies. The hamsters love you. Our various cats have loved you. Even though you don’t see them much, your nieces and nephews love you. We may still be blessed at some point with a child of our own. I will hope it happens until one of dies. I watch your interactions with people though, and young men do value your advice. They recognize your seriousness and your knowledge and respond to it. So, happy Father’s day. And may you always know you are loved.

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