Grow and Learn

Back – Again!

The time has come to begin writing again. Life has been quite the mix of joy and chaos over the last half a year or more. I have to be dedicated to writing again. I think about it every single day but seem to have something come up that takes precedence. If I want to write, I just have to do it. There is no reason I cannot at least a little bit every day.

The Little One

My baby boy was born on April 26. I will eternally be in love with the little man regardless of whatever life throws at me. He is the absolute joy and light of my life. Watching this child grow, learn, and become smarter and stronger every day delights me in ways that I had always hoped for but never realized would affect me quite so powerfully. He is the fulfillment of every hope I ever entertained. He is a small little bug, but he is growing. He is almost an independent sitter but hasn’t quite figured out the locomotion thing, yet. He can scoot backwards and roll and turn, but is still learning to go forward. He loves to stand with help and one of his favorite things is “Dance, dance baby, dance, dance. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.” He enjoys reaching for any trying new flavors and foods although his reaction sometimes indicates that he is not sure it was good idea. Quite possibly my current favorite thing in the world, right now, is his giggle. Baby giggles make the world go ’round!


I am also involved in some personal growth. I’ve begun going back to school and am waiting to see if I have been accepted into an RN program. I want my growth to include writing again. I have a notebook to jot down small things. I’m planning on getting my computer set up for writing a story. I have been losing weight slowly ever since becoming pregnant and hope to have the trend continue. That will be a long journey, but one that is worth it. I want to be healthy and live a long life for my baby. Teaching my baby about life is also joyful. I have also returned to church and have been trying to become active in that community. I sincerely enjoy helping where I can. If you’re local to me and have anything in good repair that can be donated for babies and children


Well, this is going to be a nice, short post. I just want to get something up!

Get this started again so that I can look forward in life. I will only be able to teach positive thinking, positive outlooks, and following through on tasks if that is what I am doing for myself.

May you all have a wonderful day and great end to 2018!

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