Growth and Life

It has been ages, hasn’t it? There are several reasons for my extended absence. The least of which was a script error that was not even allowing me to log in. I was trying to recruit someone to take a look at it for me, but it was not a high priority. Then, life happened. I got wrapped up in being a first time mom. Adapting to having a new church family was interesting, gratifying, and a blessing. Education resumed which took a lot of focus. I’d never had to deal with a child demanding attention while studying. We lost my sister unexpectedly. Grief blossomed new over the grief that still lingered from before. At some point in all of this, I joined in a D&D game online for the first time ever playing D&D. We are all dealing with the global pandemic caused by COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. Then, randomly, I checked on my website. My blog was fixed through one of the periodic updates! I was elated. Of course, I have no idea what to even write about. So, we will start small. Perhaps, I will just try to write consistently for a change. The greatest joys I have right now are my son who is now two years old (officially in about 1.5 hours from now while composing this), my little family, my bigger family, my church family, and the end of this semester looming near. I will endeavor to detail some of the happenings of the last almost year and a half over the next few posts. For now, signing off. Just glad to be able to say I’m back!

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