Election 2020

Please vote.

At this point, I feel like everyone knows who they’re voting for. Can we stop discussing candidates and just get back to life? Vote early. Vote on election day. Vote by mail-in. Vote at the polls. Just vote.

Honestly, every single politician who has held their current position for longer than one term needs to be removed. Term limits for all enacted. Every single position should be filled with new, fresh blood. No more career politicians. Let’s have policy dictated by people who will be reentering general society when their term is up. They should be directly affected by policy and law they vote in place.

This election year just has me tired. I refuse to malign any one candidate via social media as all of them have different things people abhor. Let’s be done with it. The world will burn, or it won’t. We will have our own hunger games, or we won’t. People will be happy, or they won’t. Whatever happens, whomever is elected (for all positions, not just POTUS), we will continue on. Will that continuing be a struggle? Perhaps, perhaps not. The most important thing is to vote. If you don’t, hush.

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