Nursing School Progress

My nursing journey began back in 2011 with the pursuit of my LPN certification. I attended NSCC in MA where I went through “hell on wheels” to achieve the certification in 2012. Passed the NCLEX-LPN on the first try and continued my foray in healthcare by moving from pharmacy to nursing. My education and employment helped me grow and helped me weather the cancer journey Joe went through before passing.

With my later pregnancy and birth of my son, I knew I wanted more so that I could give him everything. This has led me to returning to the education front. I transferred in credits and took a few courses at DCCC in PA before entering their RN program in 2019. This two year program is more than halfway to completion at this time. The first year was a great refresher after moving from doctor office work to home care work in 2017. The start of this second year was rocky, nearly demoralizing.

I struggled very hard after my first test grade after having gone into it expecting to do well and not living up to my expectations. Happily, I can say that my second and third test grades improved substantially in sequention. My confidence has returned. I truly believe that I am on the path that I need to be. I am less than a month from completion of this semester, which leaves one more semester to go.

The coursework for the program is intense and reqires constant review and study. My support system has been absolutely instrumental in getting me this far. The struggles that COVID-19 have brought to the educational front have been just one more thing to conquer and overcome. As I press onward to the end of this semester and keep sights to future, I express my overwhelming gratitude to all in my corner. Of course, around Thanksgiving time you’re supposed to reflect on what makes you grateful. My family, friends, and social media support infuse me with gratitude.

My life journey is full of surprises, bad and good. The good often overshadows the bad. I would not be here without the support I receive from everyone. Turn a blind eye to those who do not wish you the best. Surround yourself with those who want to see you rise and succeed.

My thanks, my love, my well wishes to all.

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