Thanksgiving 2020

What an incredible time to be alive. What an opportune moment to be thankful and purely grateful for whatever may be good in your life. This year has seen some of the craziest times many of us will ever experience or remember.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic during a time when the average person either refuses to believe what science tells them, thinks that they know better, or simply does not understand/remember how science works. People want to refuse basic instructions that can actually help. Nothing has been cited as a cure all, but things have been noted to help. Yet, your average person just knows better, or worse, insists that their rights are being infringed upon while we are just trying to get through this.

I’ve looked at some of the data for cases around the world. Many countries had a first wave and are now dealing with a second wave. However, if you live here in the USA, our first wave never ended. It dipped, worsened, dipped, and is worsening again. Our wave here is going to be the equivalent of being hit with a tsunami. The blame lies both with our government and with the people. The government did not do enough at the onset. The mixed information and signals were key in causing the people to think they knew better.

Despite all of this, I have thanks during this time. I am thankful that I am fortunate enough to see family on a regular basis due to work and school. I am thankful that no one has caught this virus among those I see routinely. I think I may have had it toward the beginning, but no proof other than symptoms. I am thankful that the electronic age allows us to maintain a semblance of normalcy even if it is different. I am thankful that several I know who did catch the virus have recovered, even if their post illness symptoms do linger.

In our country, we are actually getting to witness how our election process works. There are so many nuances that the average person just didn’t know about. Due to these nuances, people feel that things are being done in an underhanded fashion even when it is shown they’re not. We had more voters than in past years. It’s not through fraudulent registration. It’s through a push to get unregistered voters registered and getting them the means to vote. I voted for the first time by mail in ballot. The ease of that makes me think that everyone should just vote that way all the time.

I am thankful we as a people are allowed to express our opinions. I am thankful that we are actually seeing this election process this year. I am thankful that more people seem to be involved than ever before.

As you celebrate today, remember those who have gone before us, and no longer share this meal. Know that there are many heavy hearts in the world from grief. I feel like once you begin losing people in your life, grief is a constant companion we all need to adapt to. Be thankful that your loved ones who feel grief more keenly are able to join you. They need your love, support, and non-judgemental understanding. Be thankful that we have the capacity to love so deeply that loss affects us. We live to honor the memories of those who have gone before.

I am also thankful for my progress in nursing school. This part of my wild ride is getting ever closer to a close. I am thankful for my son and my partner. I am thankful for my mother, brother, step-father, father, step-mother, and bonus siblings. I am thankful for my extended family and those who count themselves among my friends. I am thankful for my church. I am thankful for a roof over my head and my car. I am thankful to have continued living even with major hits of grief.

Remember in your heart to be thankful all year long. About something, anything. Be thankful for the sun, moon, starts. Be thankful for seasons or the blooming of a favorite flower. Be thankful for little things. Be thankful for big things. There is no harm, however, in expressing your thanks out loud, on this one day.

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