Day By Day

I had a random spurt of thought that made absolutely no sense to me. Since it made no sense, it means I get to come here and babble. Isn’t it just amazing that people have evolved to where we are today? It doesn’t matter if you believe in creationism or evolution. People as a collective […]


Yesterday will amount to one of the saddest days of my life. I was pleased to see the turnout of family and friends for my late grandmother-in-law’s memorial service. I wrote a piece that was read by her gravesite. I finally cried. It has been a week of emotional ups and downs with no release, […]


Wishing Happy Birthday To My Husband, Joseph!   I love my hubby dearly and hope that he spends many more years with me before his time comes to leave this world. I enjoy the time he and I have together and know that I liven up his life as he adds joy to mine.


Sad times have befallen the family I’ve married into. In recent years my husband has lost an uncle, a cousin, and just yesterday his grandmother. This family has shown remarkable grit and tenacity to band together for support of each other. I did feel the love they had for the lady. Her passing was a […]

Looking Forward

Lately I have been considering the future. It is always an odd feeling to look ahead, although I understand the need to do so. First, I have been considering the new change for this country. With the presidential inauguration looming ever closer, I am unable to avoid wondering how long he will live. I am […]