Kim passed August, 2008

When we were in Florida, before moving to Massachusetts, we received word that cousin Kim had passed. I was unable to travel for her memorial service, but Joe was. To honor the family, and Kim’s memory, I had written the following piece that I later learned was read at her service. That touched me deeply and I hope my words touched our family.


To you, My family,

Condolences for your loss.

Know that my heart is there,

Whilst I am stuck away.


Remember Kimberly,

For whom she was to you.

Remember her for me,

The cousin I never knew.


Time on this great Earth,

Treks by without a pause.

Memories made,

Are not memories lost.


You will carry those with you,

Cherish them.

Rays of light in darkness,

That may come down on your life.


Always seek the good memories,

Hold to them firm.

Your loss is shared by all,

Know you have support.


My thoughts and heart go out,

To my family.

I am there with you in mind,

Where I cannot be in form.


Be well,

Be safe,

Be loved.

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