Phyllis Jean

My Aunt Phyllis passed away on April 24, 2014. The grief from her passing will be felt for a while. I wrote this to commemorate her and help with the grieving process.

Phyllis Jean

Daughter, Sister, Mother,
Grandmother, Aunt

As we said goodbye to our loved one,
God welcomed her home.
Always will we remember
The joy and light she brought into
Our lives even through times
That were difficult to her.

Remembering her smile, wit,
And ready advice
Will bring joy to us in times of
Sorrow and grief.

She was opinionated and
Stubborn but not above admitting
Her faults when necessary.
She could hold a grudge
But carried in her heart a wealth
Of love and kindness to share.
She looked at the world in her
Own way and was willing to share her view.
She never wanted her problems
To affect others around her.

Knowing that she believed
In life eternal with our
Heavenly Father
Allows us to be happy even in grief
Knowing we will see her again.

We celebrate in our hearts
The time we were able to have
With her here among us.
She would not want us to mourn
Overly long but realize that her suffering
Is over and she waits to see us again.

We love you,
We miss you and will carry you
With us until we are with you again.

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