So, I decided to do something a little bit different for my blog. As I sit here using StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and looking at rage comics, I’m going to add links and pictures to things I enjoy so that you can (hopefully) enjoy them, too. That’s all!! Good night!!


Over the next few weeks I intend to start writing again. As I write, I’ll post snippets here. I think I finally have my phone set the way I want it to be so I can actually use WordPress to blog from there. We shall see.

Thinking over life, I wish that there could be three or four times a year where you could stop time for twenty-four hours.


So, I don’t vent on my blog. It can be frustrating because I originally wanted to use this for just that purpose. I do understand that it’s not intelligent to vent about work where future employers may be able to see. So, I started a diary today. I figure that I can keep my generalizations […]