Psychological damage…

Sometimes, I really do not understand people. Dense know-it-all’s are the worst. Read into that oxymoron. I am at my wits end with some people. I shrieked like a royal banshee tonight, and I do not yell. I cannot just pack up and leave. I WILL NOT ABANDON my husband over the petty bullshit he […]


Yesterday will amount to one of the saddest days of my life. I was pleased to see the turnout of family and friends for my late grandmother-in-law’s memorial service. I wrote a piece that was read by her gravesite. I finally cried. It has been a week of emotional ups and downs with no release, […]


Wishing Happy Birthday To My Husband, Joseph!   I love my hubby dearly and hope that he spends many more years with me before his time comes to leave this world. I enjoy the time he and I have together and know that I liven up his life as he adds joy to mine.


Sad times have befallen the family I’ve married into. In recent years my husband has lost an uncle, a cousin, and just yesterday his grandmother. This family has shown remarkable grit and tenacity to band together for support of each other. I did feel the love they had for the lady. Her passing was a […]