Fight to Survive

So Much To Process Today is a hard day. Some very bitter information to swallow. We are going to move forward with determination. My husband, as ever, shows his spirit even as weak as he is, telling his doctor he will do whatever he can do because he wants to live. Hearing that quiet, plaintive […]

Esophageal Cancer Awareness

April = Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month A lot of pictures/info graphics below. Ever since my husband was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer life has been a whirlwind journey and roller coaster. While he refuses to join social media, it has been my largest source of support. In joining with the other warriors and caregivers of this […]

Welcome 2016

Resolutions? Determination Every year people resolve to do something: lose weight, be healthier, stop smoking, be nicer, change yourself! I would not want to guess at the percentage of people who fail their resolutions whether in the first few days, few months, or just call it quits before the end of the year. Last year, […]