Happy Weekend

This is the first time in a very long time that I have been happy to have the weekend get here. I don’t even have any plans. I think, I’m just wanting a break from work. I just had to deal with too many customers this week that insisted on being stupid or just trying […]


Have you ever had time move by so swiftly you’ve forgotten that it passed? That is how these past couple of months have been for me. I kept meaning to blog, but time moved all too quickly and I kept forgetting. The year so far has been well. I can’t say that it has been […]

Wake Up

Time continues to march on by. I have been absolutely amazedĀ at how fast it seems to be going already in this year. I truly did not notice how long it had been since I had even turned my computer on, let alone come here to post anything. Ah well. There is nothing to really speak […]

Mind on Idle

Even with work this has been as day for contemplation on nothing. I often find myself meandering down the path of solitude within my mind. I find that it helps me to maintain my center. I unfortunately find mymself relaying this time to others as “boredom” when it is in fact exploration. Long ago, I […]